TechLive 2013

A showcase of NUS state-of-the-art Infocomm Technologies

SR1/SR1 Foyer/SR3/Cerebro (COM1 Level 2)

Tuesday, 19 November 2013 / 6PM to 10PM

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At TechLive 2013, attendees will be able to see demos of technologies in the data analytics, image processing and language processing spaces. Attendees will also be able to interact with the researchers behind these developments and explore opportunities for evaluation and commercialisation of the same.

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Project Titles and Abstracts

Sample of demos on display during TechLive 2013 ....

Project Listings

1. 09266N: Automatic FAQ Compilation for Community-based Question Answering Archive
    This invention automatically generates a hierarchically organized, high-quality CQA excerpt comparable to expertly compiled FAQs through knowledge gathered from Wikipedia and official website pages. For more details and demo click: More Details
2. 11153N: In-Video Product Annotation with Web Information Mining
    A novel approach to identify electronic products in videos by mining information found on the Web. Using a collection of high-quality training data for electronic products a visual signature for each product is obtained that can be used to automatically annotate video frames. For more details and demo click: More Details
3. 12155N: A Beam-Search Decoder for Grammatical Error Correction
    A method for automatic correction of grammatical errors made in written text. It has the ability to correct complete sentences that may contain multiple and interacting errors. For more details and demo click: More Details
4. 12380N: "Magic Closet" - An Occasion-oriented Clothing Recommendation System
    Traditional online clothes shopping continues relying on suboptimal procedures to browse a vendor's stock that fail to replicate the rich offline experience. This invention introduces the first-ever approach to occasion-oriented clothes recommendation. For more details and demo click: More Details
5. 13275N: Chinese Informal Words Detector and Microblog Segmenter
    Microblogs are wildly popular in China and routinely used to vent and explore personal interests. Considerable intelligence could be gathered from these sources provided that the information that circulates online in everyday parlance can be properly identified and processed. This invention introduces a novel method to identify and segment informal words commonly found in microblogs. For more details and demo click: More Details


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