6th STePS: The Sixth School of Computing Term Project Showcase

COM1 Level 2/ Wednesday, 22 April 2015 / 6PM to 10PM

Last updated: Mar 8 14:48:00 SGT 2015


  • 17:30 Registration for the Event Starts [Please register at the Registration Counter and get your "Food Coupon" and "Voter ID"]
  • 17:30 Carering Opens for Exhibitors and Organisers
  • 18:00 Poster and Demo Session Starts. Pitching and Presentations are run in parallel
  • 19:00 Catering Opens (for Guests)
  • 21:00 Last Call for Votes
  • 21:15 Closing Ceremony
  • 22:00 End

Frequently Asked Questions

For Class Students

Q: How large should our posters be if our lecturer asked us to produce a poster? I also heard that SoC Technical Services will print the poster for free of cost. Is this true?
A: Your poster should be A1 sized (841 x 594 mm). A registered representative (project leader) from each group can go to SoC Technical Services in COM1 Level 1 with a high resolution PDF (atleast 300 dpi) for help in PRINTING the poster. [The project leader/coordinator list is sent to Technical Services based on the information provided by your course instructor]. You can print one copy for free of charge at Technical Services. Addtional copies will be charged at $12 per copy. Please include   [Info-Comm Authority of Singapore],    [Smaato]    and  [Garena]     LOGOs somewhere on your poster, as they are the sponsor for posters. In addtion, please use bigger font size for your project id (preferred TOP-LEFT corner) and project title. Project id is used by guests for voting (See your project id at: http://steps.comp.nus.edu.sg/steps4/abstracts.html. It will be in the form - "####-##"). You can print from 7th Nov 2014 onwards. No need to wait until completing implementation of the project. Print early to avoid long queue.
Guidelines for making good posters are availabe at "Design Basics" page.
Poster Printing Schedule (Pls avoid lunch time: 12noon-2pm):
  • IS 5126: 15 Apr
  • CS 3217: 16 and 17 Apr
  • CS 3218: 16 Apr
  • CS 3240: 15 Apr
  • CS 3247: 17 Apr
  • CS 3284: 14 and 15 Apr
  • CS 4244: 16 Apr
  • CS 4344: 14 Apr
  • CP 3101B: 17 Apr
  • FYP: 14 Apr
Q: Will there be power to plug-in laptops and monitors at the event?
A: We'll try to arrange for power at certain stations for each class. You should not rely on having power access during all times during the showcase. The School does not have enough power cords to run individual power strips for every project. You should consider sharing with neighboring projects close to you, and run on battery power for laptops when they can. Please do not bring more equipment than you need for the showcase (e.g., external monitors).
Q: I am in one of the participating class and my group will be showcasing our project. Do I still need to register?
A: No. If you are in one of the participating courses (excluding FYP) of 6th STePS, registration is NOT required. Your names will be automatically added based on the project group information submitted by your course professor/lecturer. If you have given your mobile number to your course lecturer, you will receive your Voter ID through SMS, otherwise, you will receive your Voter ID through email.

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For External Industry Guests

Q: We are new to NUS campus. How to reach the STePS event venue?
A: You can find the location map and directions to reach the building COM1, NUS School of Computing at: STePS Location Map.
Q: How long do we have to assess projects? May we do additional assessment outside of the project showcase?
A: The projects are meant to be assessed within the evening of STePS. If you wish to give additional feedback to students, please interact with the students to get their email addresses and feel free to send them additional feedback beyond what you were able to provide during the showcase.
Q: Do we have to be an expert in the course material to evaluate the projects?
A: No, not at all. Please use your own perspective and experience to guide the students about the real-world value of their work. If you can give constructive feedback that could encourage them to develop their projects further, that would be most appreciated.
Q: What's the minimum commitment in assessing projects?
A: You can just use the simple evaluation form. This form consists of a list of projects for each course to select the three best projects in the course and a simple comment field to offer any free-form comments you have about the project. Please indicate the project id for each free form comment. The free-form comments will be given to the project team at a later date.
Q: If I use the more comprehensive evaluation form provided by the course professor/track chair, do I still have to fill out a simple evaluation form?
A: Yes, please fill in a simple evaluation form to vote for top three projects in each course. This vote is important as it is the sole mechanism we use to determine prize winners.
Q: How do my comments influence the results of the showcase?
A: We value industry comments very highly. We weight your industrial evaluations three times more highly than evaluations by the students to their peers. The votes from both industry as well as participants and guests will be used to determine the prize winners for the showcase. The votes do not influence the project grades, since this is the sole province of the course instructors.
Q: May I evaluate other projects than the ones that I am assigned to?
A: Yes! You are free to evaluate any additional projects beyond the ones which we have assigned you. The students are very happy to receive additional evaluation. Grades for any additional projects will also be weighted three times as heavily as peer grades given by students.
Q: May we interact with the project teams outside of the showcase?
A: Yes, you may. If you wish to do so, please take note of the students' email addresses. Feel free to offer more comments or schedule a time to meet up to students for any other purposes.
Q: May we promote our company in our discussion with project students?
A: Yes, please do! Students in the project showcase are largely undergraduate students in their final years. They are very interested in potential job offers, and may have a resume or CV ready for your perusal.
Q: If we are interested in some of the projects that the students have done, and wish to pursue licensing, who should we approach?
A: You should approach the students and the STePS Director, Bhojan Anand, banand [at] comp.nus.edu.sg directly.

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For Others

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