6th STePS: The Sixth School of Computing Term Project Showcase

COM1 Level 2/ Wednesday, 22 April 2015 / 6PM to 10PM

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  • 6th STePS was a Grand Success with 1000+ registered guests, 15+ direct industry sponsors and 95 innovative projects.
  • Congratulations to all Prize Winners! Prize winners details with closing ceremony photos are available at: http://bit.ly/steps6onfb
  • Thanks to Sponsors, Project Teams, Professors, Building Facilities, SoC External Relations Office, SoC Student Life Office, SoC Undergraduate Office, A/V team, SoC Technical Services, Student Helpers and all the Guests who made this event a grand success.
  • Event PHOTOS are updated @ MEDIA page

The School of Computing Term Project Showcase (STePS) aims to bring together all of the class-based projects and project module in the School of Computing (SoC). It's a festive yet serious class showcase, in which students present their projects in all aspects of computer science and information systems to the respective Faculty for grading and to Industry guests, Government agencies, Sponsors and Investors to connect with potential employers and to seek opportunities for further development of their work through collaboration. Click to see the invitation.Students, faculty, technology entrepreneurs and prospective students will have the opportunity to experience the innovations created by the students.

95 innovative projects from 10 participating courses/tracks will be showcased in the Term Project Showcase this semester. Click on the links to see the project details:
Attractive contests and prizes for exhibitors and guests. For more details see 'Awards and Prizes' section below.

The event is organised by NUS School of Compuiting with strong support from our Industry and Academia partners. It is estimated that about 800+ guests (students, professors, industry partners) will attaned the 6th STePS.

Download your copy of the Programme Booklet here: Programme Booklet. Printing Instructions: scale to A4, Landscape, double-sided and flip on Short-Edge.

Past Events

Previous SoC Term Project Showcase events were highly successful:

Awards and Prizes

Through peer-balloting, students in the participating projects will be able to vote for their favorite projects. We have arranged for about $500 worth prizes to be awarded to best projects as determined by popular and industry votes per class.

NEW: Innovfest ThermoFisher have sponsored five tickets for Innovfest (http://innovfest.evolero.com/2015/) to encourage students (undergrad/post grad and a limited number of post-docs) to attend the medtech pavilion. The tickets also access the entire two day event (which is mostly digital innovation based and are worth $500 each). Top (First) prize winners of each track can approach me (Dr. Bhojan Anand) at the end of the event (10.15pm) to collect the tickets. The tickets will be given out in FCFS basis. Tickets are not transferable. Please check the date of the event and make sure that you are free to attend before collecting the tickets.

NEW: Garena Challenge At Garena, we always value talents with the passion and creativity to solve problems. So, we have prepared a little challenge for you to have fun. Simply come to the our kiosk @ 6th STePS to collect the challenge, and you will have the chance to win a 42mm case black band Apple Watch Sport!
The Garena Challenge is open to all participants of 6th STePS

NEW: Smaato Contest (Lucky Draw) Fill-up "Smaato Contest Form" (print it or get from Smaato booth) and drop it at Smaato booth (outside SR1) during the event to win a Smaato goodie bag and shopping/dining vouchers. It is a mini survey for all app developers/budding app developers at NUS. It's a lucky draw contest and 3 winners will be selected. Winners will be notified by phone call.
The Smaato Contest is open to all participants of 6th STePS


Register @:

Takes about 2 minute of your time!
Food and drink will be provided to registered participants.
Last date for registration of Standard Tickets with buffet dinner: Apr 13, 2015 6:00:00 PM
'Late Registration' Tickets are open now. You can book anytime until Apr 22, 2015 4:00:00 PM).


Help promote the event

Event Flyer: 6th STePS Flyer. Please feel free to forward the STePS Flyer to your friends, colleages and partners.

We're on Facebook: http://bit.ly/steps6onfb. Help get the word out!

See what media says about STePS:-

Some of the Projects from Previous STePS:-

Directions to reach the venue

The event will be held at the Building COM1, NUS School of Computing. Location map and directions to reach the venue: Location Map.